International Real Estate Projects Group.
The project is located at kilometer 96th of Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, across from Sadat City, and 64 kilometers away from the toll gate..

Modules (A)

  • Improved Heat and Humidity Insulation as well as Water leakage prevention are techniques used in the construction process in order to provide each unit with thermal comfort.
Electrical works:
  • Cable brands (Sweden, Egypt, or Hejaz ( Saudi Arabia).
  • Plugs, face-plates, and Switches are either imported from China or brought, first selection, from Egypt.
  • All the necessary equipment for electrical and lighting spots in the living rooms’ ceilings.
  • 60 liter water heaters, Olympic Brand.
Sanitary works:
  • Polypropylene Pipes are used internally, and compressed plastic ones are used externally (PVC).
  • All sanitary accessories and sets are a LECICO Brand.
  • All bathroom accessories are Stainless Steel, however the mixers are imported.
  • Kitchen sinks are 120.000 cm wide.
  • Living room floors are covered by luxurious ceramic brands (Prima Royal).
  • Floors and walls, for bathrooms and kitchens are made of ceramic which are a LECICO Brand. The rooms have parquet flooring.
Painting Process:
  • The internal and External plaster are of the highest quality. The paint used inside is resistant to washing and scratching. Concerning the paint used outside, it is made of the latest masonry chemicals ( CMB or Graviato).
  • ِAll the wood used is of a high quality. Doors are coated with different layers of lacquer paint.
  • All windows frames are made of Aluminum from ALUMITAL, and the quality of the Glass is outstanding.
Staircase Railings:
  • The Staircase railings are made of Iron Pipes with a thickness of 1 mm, and 1.5 inches in diameter. The Staircases consolidation are increased by 90 cm.
  • The Staircase upper portion is made of Russian wood and Pergola.
Swimming pools:
  • Implementation of 40 meter rectangular swimming pools, with different depths ranging from 100 to 200 cm to suit all ages. All swimming pools are provided with all the necessary insulation. The floors and the walls will be made of ceramic. All the mechanical aspect in terms of systems, tools and accessories are German or American made.